Between The Stars And The Waves

Between The Stars And The Waves lyrics by Signalgiant

Take me away you know I’m ready for
What you have in store, you make me want it more
My senses abound with thoughts of mysteries of your ways

Here by the shore I look out to the sea
The sounds of the night are singing melodies
The sand in my toes; they make want to dance to your name

In everything that you’ve done for me
In awe of things that you’ve made me see
Shimmering lights dark blue skies
The wonders of it all

Amidst the Oceans and the night sky
Between the stars and waves I lie
I look to you
I know your promise
I wait on you

Take my time
Feel the breeze
Listen to the Echoes in the wind
Here with me
Waiting for
The next big wave
To crash over right over me

I’m looking forward to what will be
Ready for anything in front of me
Over and over you give me more
I’ll never get tired of this

Across the Skies and the bright lights

The Earth is turning as time passes by
I move with you
You draw me closer
I stay with you

I move toward the sound of your voice calling
I take a breath and see what’s for me

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