Gabby Alipe

Fragile and Human

Fragile and Human lyrics by Gabby Alipe

Easy said, hard to let it go
When I’m good and ready
Then maybe I’ll know
For now, I walk blindly
Yeah, I’ll stumble and fall
Stumble and fall

Fragile and human
Somehow built to make mistakes
Fragile and human
Fall in love and then we break
Live through this cycle
Search our place and then we fade
So fragile and human

Some will say things will come around
But while I’m left waiting
My mind fills with doubt
I pray I’ll grow stronger
So I won’t lose control
Yeah, I can’t lose control

Some can’t see all the hidden answers
Set at what they think
They won’t hear and shut you out
Some might say, don’t you walk in anger
And yet feed into fear
Quick to pull the trigger
Love to watch you go down
See your world just burn down

Keep my head high above the clouds
I’m left here wishing,
never say things out loud
Turn nothing to something
With risk comes reward
But afraid of risking it all

Fragile and human
Torn between our love and hate
Fragile and human
Search for praise yet quick to blame
Chained to this cycle
Hope for truth but never change
So fragile and human

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