nevermind lyrics by TALA

You’re falling asleep on the phone
And I hear the sounds of you breathing
Seems quiet inside this apartment
But I think that somebody’s leaving

I find myself wondering what you look like now
Head on a pillow, phone right by your mouth
When you wake up tomorrow, remember
That you don’t really know me at all

I’m falling asleep all alone
And baby, I still think I’m dreaming
In between these unconscious emotions
I still have a hard time believing

I try to imagine how to get that far
I’m where I am, and you are right where you are
If it doesn’t make sense, I’ll pretend that
I know we can trust it for now

How much longer do you think we’ll be
In between reality, I’m not sure what I’m missing but I’ll
Be okay if you are too with acting like there’s nothing going on, on, on
Nevermind, I know we’ll be okay
Never mine, and never yours, I feel a little more awake but
How can I get away if I don’t ever want me to be gone, gone, gone?

Nevermind nevermind
It was never mine…

Never mine, never mine
One day, but for now nevermind…

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