Restart lyrics by LUNARLIGHTS

so raise your hands
into the sky
and reach out for the stars

I’ve been chasing dreams
since I was a boy
thinking I could make a difference
with every song and every chord
but then again
you start to realize
things don’t always go your way
and growing up
doesn’t mean you’re doing fine

I couldn’t formulate any sense to what this journey means, but then again
I’m finding out

and I hope I never get to make
the same mistakes
admit to all the wrongs
I’ve made in this life
think of all the ways
to make my time worthwhile

and I hope I never get to think
never get to be
never ever feel so low again
With all that said
I just wanna feel alive again

so in the meantime
I guess this will run its course
turn the dusty page of every chapter
and watch it all unfold
and soon enough
all my hesitations, procrastination
shortcomings and self-doubts
will all be a memory

will carry on I know
down on this winding road
will carry on this I know

too much uncertainties have left me clawing my way back but at least I know they’re long gone, they’re long gone

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