Asch Kyl Aries

Afternoon Ease

Afternoon Ease lyrics by Asch, Kyl Aries

Step out
From your doubts
You don’t need to worry bout’ it now
Bout’ it now
Step in
To the clouds
We just keep on learning bout’ it now
Bout’ it now
Blast the tunes
In the afternoon
Keep the sun wide open
Sun wide open
Play it cool
You would never lose
Keep your mind wide open

We can
You don’t need to
We can
You don’t need to

I’m so tired even I’m at home
Got me stressed over small things
That get big when my eyes close
Trynna get by one day at a time
But shit gets worse everyday all the time
Looking ways to be fine like
Wait hold up
Can you give me a second so I can
Roll up
Good decisions they be there
Yeah they ain’t choked up
This what I’m telling you
There’s more to like this ain’t coda
When there’s no quota
Go marry your everything
Than being with scary things
Worry with caution
Like interview with Larry King
Count your happiness
Even when its just very thin
Don’t forget about the little joys
Cause that is everything
Like, shit’s crazy out there
Things are getting worse
Everyday all the time
Like looking ways to be fine
I’m looking past all the time
So before you go decide
How bout’ you just go align
Maybe you can just be mine

We can
You don’t need to
We can
You don’t need to

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