Superly Real

(Ah yung, parang yung rak en rol Parang yung daddy mo Ah okey okey) Ooh baby Thinkin’ of you just to Get me through the night Ooh When you wake up I hope That we don’t fight Ooh ahh If ya do, we’ll make up And I know we’ll be alright Baby, we’ll be alright… Continue reading Superly Real

Easy-Going Millions

I haven’t even learned what its like to Live a life that I’m proud of Where I’ve solved all my concerns And I’m sure that I’m okay But I’ll make what I can earn So I can give it to my family Cuz I know that it’s my turn But I’m moving so slowly Mama,… Continue reading Easy-Going Millions


{Verse 1: Raining Sorrow} Flying colors Through the wind My heart beats faster Over again Falling feathers From the sky I’m thinking whether I can or cannot fly {Chorus: Raining Sorrow} It’s like a hurricane Wanting to try and stay The pain won’t go away Causing more, more What am I even for? Feels like… Continue reading Storm


“Wassup y’all, It’s been two months already. I’ll tell y’all all about it.” Yuh, yea, Look. Slowly passed the days that I counted before I got in, And they already had the tickets to the bus that I’d hop in. And never considered my own self if I woulda’ tried stoppin’, I taste the bitter… Continue reading Lackland


Erm erm Three square inches Stuck in ya box and you hella deficient I’m up in a yacht and I’m getting efficient Climb to the top with the throats that I’m rippin’ And at your oesophagus bullets be hittin’ Hit ’em with that little quickie Just for the fuck of it, aye Sitting on my… Continue reading Fraud

Panalo (Trap Cariñosa)

Like they said though You can take a man out the hood But you can’t take the hood out the man Mga kababayan, turn up! Tayo’y Pilipino Kahit anong kulay ng balat, isasapuso Mapa-Tagalog, Bisaya, o Ilokano Walang tatalo sa bagsik ng ating dugo Isigaw ng malakas ang ating panalo ‘Wag nang pagusapan ang mga… Continue reading Panalo (Trap Cariñosa)