Michael Bars

How Could You?

How Could You? lyrics by Michael Bars

I see myself in the reflection
of my own television
I’m finding comfort and discomfort
in the Home that I live in
I sent a text and I tried to
call, I was hoping you’d get it
but it’s annoying me, it’s clear to see you
don’t want to listen and I don’t like it!
What do you think that I’m on?
I don’t drink anymore, so
don’t you bring that upon
Whatever started this feud
but I haven’t lifted an arm
To reach a bottle the moment
we had a kid come along
I’m on the road and it’s passing the curfew
Everyone knows that I wouldn’t actually hurt you
but your heartless and you lied
about me planning to burn you
and you’re the kind of person I
know that my dad wouldn’t turn to
When I’m in trouble or needed
Never wanted to see this
I won’t be ducking the demons
and I can run while I’m bleeding out
get a bucket, I’m keeping all
of the blood that is leaving
They had a motive to get out but had to
come for a reason like my relationship
I always know what is better
I’m not conceited, its a fact
that I can hold it together
I’ve been rejected before,
easily blown like a feather
into the wind but now they know
that I’m controlling the weather
and everything will be fine
I said I was picking up 5 bottles of
whiskey, Tequila a bunch of different wines
just for the night
we only landed on the tip of the iceberg
You only heard half of it so just listed to mine
I’m leaving work it’s about to
be 1O’ clock in the evening
Didn’t go in on Monday I
took the slot on the Weekend
It’s time for me go home!
I’m in my block and I’m seeing this
Unfamiliar car parked, I stopped in
the street I’m in and I’m furious..
But in the moment I’m panicking
so I took my phone and gun I
got them both in my hand again
didn’t recognize the car so
then I slowly got madder then
Wanted to phone, I heard the phone
ring but nobody’s answering..
So I go in through the back as
I try to see what the truth is
I see my kid and his telling
me “Hi Daddy! How you been?”
I go inside of my room and I’m
blinded by what I’m viewing
I see my wife in the bed with a guy that
I went to school with then I FROZE..
I suggest that you best be honest
Behind my bacl while I was
working, they just kept on talking
A couple months and they tell me
they don’t know when it started
I told my kid to go back to
his room and “BETTER LOCK IT!”
I’m running back, I see “panic” crawl in his veins
I’m punching him in the stomach
and cracked his jaw with a cane
Took my pistol and actually
smacked him hard in the face
He was bleeding over the floor
as he had to fall in my way
How could you do this to me?
How could you sleep with this guy?
Were you actually happy under
the sheets with this guy?
I saw you hold him with passion
I can’t believe you would lie
to me so you can watch me chole
him until he bleeds and he dies
I could forgive but I just wouldn’t let go of it
She don’t love me and she knows
that she just couldn’t be focusing
She was grabbing a knife..
wanted to get a hold of it
So I loaded my pistol and
put a bullet in both of them
Look what you did!
and it could’ve been fine
I can’t believe there was someone
else you would view on the side
I hear police in the house..
They’re here to look for the guy
I took my gun and decided
to put a bullet in mine..

(Police Open Up!)
(Shots fired! Shots fired!)
(Get on the ground!)
(Entering the premises!)

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