Sam Milby

Last Goodnight

Last Goodnight lyrics by Sam Milby

This can’t be our last goodnight, please don’t bid & say goodbye. Found and lost your love tonight, almost had you in my life.

I’ve fallen so deep, I’ve never felt this complete. Fast paced, light speed,

I fell then you leave.

Chorus: This can’t be our last good night, happened in a speed of light. You came fast and left me broken. Alone I’m frightened for I know that I just lost it all. The Love I fell for had me fall, oo ohh oohh.

This can’t be our last good night (You are worth the fight).

We almost had it all tonight, I almost had you in my life. You are like my kryptonite, with all my love girl I surrender. To you I fell so deep, you’re my pain & remedy. Frozen, drowning, without you I feel so incomplete.

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