CARELESS Nadine Lustre

Wait For Me

I’m already on a red eye flight Left a note outside your door Couldn’t bear to look into your eyes See your heart sink right in to the floor I’ve gone back and forth a hundred times Played it over in my head But there’s no easy way to say goodbye When I’m still tastin’ […]

CARELESS Luka Nadine Lustre

Mashi Baeed (Going Away)

Baeid baby Mashi baeid baby Mashi baeid baby – I hate being alone The mistakes that we’ve done I admit i was wrong Inconsistent with the love Heavy as the burden Inti bas my only hope Buried all the sorrow Deep down with your love Strong enough for the both of us They asking are […]

Massiah Nadine Lustre

White Rabbit

Upside down Navigate me through this masquerade When lights go out Dreams they show me what I can’t explain Wake up and wake up Windows and walkways Somewhere I got lost Wake up and wake up Familiar faces Hello can you help? Maybe they know me Better than I know myself Can’t control The forward […]