CARELESS Luka Nadine Lustre

Mashi Baeed (Going Away)

Mashi Baeed (Going Away) lyrics by CARELESS, Luka, Nadine Lustre

Baeid baby

Mashi baeid baby
Mashi baeid baby

I hate being alone
The mistakes that we’ve done

I admit i was wrong
Inconsistent with the love

Heavy as the burden
Inti bas my only hope

Buried all the sorrow
Deep down with your love

Strong enough for the both of us
They asking are we on

Baby It don’t bother us
Nihayi ma uncomfortable

The space always vulnerable
I treat you like who you wanna be
When we thuggin’ on the low

Come out and see me
In purple and blue

As long as we vibin’
I spend it on you

Pure as your heart
Grey like the goose

I’m going away
What’s written maktub


Bil lail beside al nile
Al cruise bi istikana

All the calls that i missed
Moe basi al walaea

The smoke getting loud
Girl give me at least saea

Al zahma fil’ uptown
Khaliha braha

Al tshghila but i love
Who can figure what you want

Your love got me crazy
Bas maeaki girl I’m down

She know her ways around me
I be actin’ like we’re done

The river running slow
Memories under the sun

Bas shaklik nasiti
Times around the city
Shaklik nasiti

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