The Wedding Gift

The Wedding Gift lyrics by EDGE

I’ve been hiding away from you my friend
‘Coz something inside of me
Had grown to what it shouldn’t be
Every inch of my being
Started to love you
But you’re with someone else
And there’s nothing that I could do

And I know there is no chance
So, I’ll just keep my distance

But I’ll still love you
But just on my own
I’ve been loving you
More than we both have known
Yes, I love you
There’s no more denying
But I’ll keep this for you
And the one you are marrying

Verse 2:
Don’t you worry you’ll see me
On your special day
Give you your wedding toast
For a love everlasting with him
I’ll just be pretending
You won’t even notice
That I will be hurting
Dying inside of me

…I’d just be running away

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