December Avenue


Drive lyrics by December Avenue

Take a chance
When life begins to pull you closer to the edge, to the edge
Make a plan
And learn to realize that things will find its way

As your eyes can see the color of the light that shines on me
I am awakened by the beauty of this love that poisoned me
And as you whisper to my ears we’re both in awe

Why don’t you drive and take me to a place that we don’t know
So I can hold you still and notice that your love for me is real
Why don’t you drive and take control of all the best in me
Leave our worries behind every road
And let our story unfold

Take my hand
We’ll drive along with the horizon ’til the end, ’til the end
We’re making plans
Chasing city lights
And holding up this way, holding up this way

As you look into my eyes
I see the other side of me
I’m surrounded by the beauty of your love that captured me
As you breathe into my ears
We’re both in awe

Could you take me away in a different space and time
As long as you’re here, as long as you’re here

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