Billy Crawford Nikki Gil

You’ve Got A Friend

When you are down and troubled And you need some loving care And nothing, no nothing is going right Close your eyes and think of me And soon I will be there to priven up Even your darkness is right. You just call out my name and you know were ever I am I’ll come […]

Erik Santos

My Love Is Here

For me to show How much my love for you unfolds Through trouble and fears This love feels so real And I need you to know Even though we’re far apart You’re right beside me in my heart Chorus: Don’t you know my love is here? Don’t you know my love is real? You should […]

Jed Madela

Give Me A Chance

I need you Is all that I can say But deep inside of me You know I want you more each day But time won’t let me have the chance So I’ve got to see you even at a glance I know it’s hard for you to see Exactly how much you mean to me […]

Sponge Cola

Di Na Mababawi

Ngayo’y aking inuunawang pilit Mga pagkukulang kong iyong ginigiit Sana’y malaman mo na tanging ikaw lamang Ang aking iniintindi Nakatanim pa sa’king ala-ala Pangako mong mananatili ka Kaya’t paglisan mo’y naiwan ang pusong ito Na ngayo’y bitin na bitin ‘Di mo na mababawi iniwang sakit Sa mga salitang binitiwan mo Hindi ba’t ikaw na rin […]