JM De Guzman

By My Side

By My Side lyrics by JM De Guzman

Dark grey past
Sits by me and it just lingers
Days don’t go fast
Makes me say, pray and wonder

Why me?
Why make me taste great love and in one two three
Taken away from above and its gone away, forever

There could be a thousand reasons why I did what I did
But you’re just one in a million that I had to risk
There are more seasons that would remind me what could’ve been
But I’m a man on mission
And I just have to listen
And take this lonely road without you
Without you by my side

What when and how?
Tell me and u will follow
Too much pain and hate now
Do I really have to wallow

There are others like me
I don’t really understand why take her away from me
You said “make a stand”
Tell me.. How much(2x)


Repeat chorus 2x

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