JM De Guzman


Convalescence lyrics by JM De Guzman

it’s been a couple of years
i’ve been holdin back these tears
too many turning points
gave my all for coins

been running around in circles
like a clown in this new age circus
I was stuck in a whirlwind of lust
in this world full of faces in disgust.

yes it’s us.. who’s not to trust
it’s us they’ll kill if can’t bust

we’re not better off as dead
until there’s breathe it’s not the end
hold your ground or be a runner.
screams from 6 feet under
we’re just sick
but never tired
but you kicked guns fired.
while we are.. in search for a cure
i know
we still have something PURE

verse 2
hey.. you don’t talk too much. i see.
or not at all.
but you always make me wanna listen
seek you in the dark where you are always hidden
you want me closer
but you seem far away
you never stay over?
left me with these pieces in the game you play.
i don’t need anymore to get “head rush”
wont stop till my spirits crushed
not ashes yet nor dust
cries heard bullets will rust

repeat chorus

last verse (rap)

yea you filthy rich
you can buy what you want
they py the best to teach ya
but you chose to be ignorant
there’s no more for you to reach
coz you’re too arrogant
always on the run
with your hand on the gun

my pride is my humility
if you ask me how much i got it for free
but sorry you won’t get to see
not if you think if you’re powerful than the sea

if you aim not for truth but hypocrisy
if you live not with faith but with what you SEE
turn a blind eye to where you’ve been
if you veer yourself away from the pain of livin

but some say you don’t have to climb the mountain.
to know whether its high or not
say you’re not crazy lead your soul be the captain
go head on to your strange plot.

killing is their way to prevent
dunno where LOVE went
hearing God from the current
reasons why i should fervent
justice is HIS department
battle cry till his eternal judgement

i’m also ashamed and hurt
my spirit BENT
wearing my heart with a deep dent.

Tryin to catch my breath but i just can’t
may face plant on the pavement

still trust my sixth sense
was awaken by my conscience
only JESUS is heaven sent
open your eyes and repent

tasted myself a little fortune and fame
lived every moment with guilt and shame.
now the plan is not to play the game

no regrets i’m proud of my story

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