JM De Guzman

Indigo’s Sky

Indigo’s Sky lyrics by JM De Guzman

I just told, everyone
who I really am
I was hated, buy it
I was addicted, but I don’t mind
Never leave a man behind

They’re being loved by many for who they’re not
But I see they’re happy
who is really blinded here
who can see clearly?

We’ll keep on running
they’ll keep on chasing
but soon we’ll fly
above this indigo’s sky.
why even try and let your life pass you by

When nothing’s keepin’ you from the sky
don’t you waste another sigh.
there’s something more than meets the eye.
above this indigo’s sky.
indigo’s sky.

verse 2
I feel so strong though
I’m free of the pain
but memories hit me like punches I don’t see coming
All things that was so good…
seem very disturbing
I hit rock bottom so hard
like God cut off my wings.

repeat chorus
(we’ll keep on running….)

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