JM De Guzman


Cupid lyrics by JM De Guzman

I wont blame myself anymore
Same story as before
I will now try to catch my breath
This ain’t good anymore to my health

Another woman has breached my core

You stupid little creature(so cute)
You hit so hard
You just look good in pictures
I let down my guard
The next time you try to come around
I’ll take you down hard to the ground
I’ll break your bones
Your arrows and bow
You stupid little cupid

Stupid cupid 2x

Verse 2
I wont shame myself anymore
There is no other cure
Closed down too many doors
Pickin up the pieces on the floor

Another woman has breached my core

Repeat chorus.

What pains me the most is all I know is I’m the only one who’s achin
And you’re with someone
Sharin oh so good good.. Good.. Lovin
(la la la la la la)
I don’t have anything against you two.
Just tryin to survive a day without you
Is it really you
Or I was just hit by a love so true(2x)

(repeat chorus then…)

I will dismantle your bones
I will drown you to your own blood
I will bite off your wings
(I let down my guard)
I will bite off your wings

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